• Writing a screenplay…
  • MARKHAM STREET MURAL – Project Coordinator







  • Researching/writing about 1860’s New Zealand.
  • January: Body Pulse Dance Recital photos








IMG_9674I have recently completed my first gig as an official Wedding Photographer. (Dec 6th, 2014)




In August 2014 I had my debut photography exhibition which was held at the Rangiora Chamber Gallery.

The exhibition was entitled, Power, and comprised of 30 photographs and one digital collage, all with power poles and lines as the subject matter.

Power poles are simple, iconic structures that are symbolically complex. Power poles and lines represent people through their functional role as providers of electricity, their community role as part of the urban landscape and, underneath it all, their role as symbols of change.

 “But there was one gift that was overriding, one gift which at any price we would take, the gift of power that is everything to men who have worked with their hands” – Raymond Williams

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