The Boat People

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The Rohingya boat people are stranded out at sea, they are kept in refugee camps, they are buried in mass graves. While I was thinking about these people I had a sudden memory of a childhood movie, Dumbo. Dumbo loses his mother … Continue reading

We All Live in Boxes

photo pf a dog sticking its nose through a wooden fence

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We live in houses that are basically big boxes. When we are inside these boxes we can’t hear the breeze in the trees, we have to check if it is raining, we have heating to keep us warm, we have soft … Continue reading

SlapSee Sunnies!

Owen wearing his SlapSee sunnies

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I have been in Auckland for the past two weeks, gaining inspiration in unexpected places. On Friday night we were at a bar, Frieda’s, and ended up buying 2x Gin & Tonics, 1x Pepperoni Pizza, and a pair of ‘SlapSee’ sunglasses… … Continue reading



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I remember sitting in the back of my dad’s Ford Falcon as a kid, occupying myself by looking through a kaleidoscope, watching all the beautiful patterns that appeared and disappeared as I turned it. I still love patterns. On Friday I put a … Continue reading

Found Photographs

photo of the front of an olympus pen EE-3

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I love finding old cameras! I recently purchased one for 50¢ from the local re-use store. It is an Olympus Pen EE-3 ‘half-frame’ that was produced between 1973 and 1983. It is described as a half-frame camera because each photo only takes up half the … Continue reading