Markham Street Mural

It’s been a while since I last posted! But now the WW1 memorial mural that I was organising has been completed so I am back. I have made a simplified list of the steps that I took to achieve this project below, but first check … Continue reading

Day of Birth

photo of open gates from a group of dog kennels

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It is lambing season. You might think that lambing season would be the best time to work on a farm; all those cute little lambs being born, wiggling their little tails. Isn’t that what the whole job is about? Making more … Continue reading

This is the Winter I Know

photo of snow covered ground with open gateway and moody sky

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As though Mother Nature was listening when I posted my last blog depicting a winter with white beaches opposed to white mountains, this week I am back home and has snowed! Brrr       MY WINTER SNAPS

The Boat People

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The Rohingya boat people are stranded out at sea, they are kept in refugee camps, they are buried in mass graves. While I was thinking about these people I had a sudden memory of a childhood movie, Dumbo. Dumbo loses his mother … Continue reading