Reading Resolution

photo of a page from the Count of Monte Cristo

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One New Years Eve, back when I was at primary school, I decided that my resolution would be to read 30 books in one year. That meant that I had to read an average of 2.5 books per month. As … Continue reading

Markham Street Mural

It’s been a while since I last posted! But now the WW1 memorial mural that I was organising has been completed so I am back. I have made a simplified list of the steps that I took to achieve this project below, but first check … Continue reading

Archie Balmer

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I haven’t taken any photos worth sharing this week but I have been researching for the WW1 themed Mural that I am organising (check out my blog about public art or the facebook page for more info). The photo below was … Continue reading

We All Live in Boxes

photo pf a dog sticking its nose through a wooden fence

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We live in houses that are basically big boxes. When we are inside these boxes we can’t hear the breeze in the trees, we have to check if it is raining, we have heating to keep us warm, we have soft … Continue reading

SlapSee Sunnies!

Owen wearing his SlapSee sunnies

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I have been in Auckland for the past two weeks, gaining inspiration in unexpected places. On Friday night we were at a bar, Frieda’s, and ended up buying 2x Gin & Tonics, 1x Pepperoni Pizza, and a pair of ‘SlapSee’ sunglasses… … Continue reading