Markham Street Mural

It’s been a while since I last posted! But now the WW1 memorial mural that I was organising has been completed so I am back. I have made a simplified list of the steps that I took to achieve this project below, but first check out the photos!



Steps to Organising the Markham Street Mural:

  1. Settled on the idea. My Dad actually suggested this project to me and I always thought it was a good idea.
  2. Found the artists. My cousin, Danae Ripley, started painting murals in Auckland as part of her degree, so I pitched her the idea, ‘A modern World War One memorial mural with a uniquely Hurunui perspective’.  Danae was keen to paint the mural and she also recruited her lecturer, Bobby Hung a.k.a Berst.
  3. Sought information from the local council. I wanted to make sure I could meet all the legal requirements. I discovered that I needed a ‘Short Form Traffic Management Plan’ during the painting as we would be blocking the footpath. I also discovered there were no rules against painting the side of the building in that part of town.
  4. Sought approval of the building owner, Heather McVicar. Heather was very receptive to the idea and was great to work with the whole way through the project.
  5. Found out the artist’s requirements. They needed, a scissor lift, the wall to be prepped and given two layers of undercoat, 90 cans of spray paint, and ladders.
  6. Set a date for painting & requested a design from the artists.
  7. Sought sponsorship for the requirements. Dulux gave us the 60 litres of black paint that we needed for the undercoats. PJ Painters painted the undercoat for us at cost price. Andrea Shepherd from Canterbury Traffic Control provided the Short Form Traffic management free-of-charge. NC Hire offered us free scissor lift hire.
  8. Sought funding for the unavoidable costs. I applied to the Hurunui Creative Communities Scheme and did a 10 minute presentation to them about the project, which they approved. I also wrote a letter to the Amberley Lions and received funding from them.
  9. Contacted local media in the lead up to the project. I sent information to the Northern Outlook and The News, local papers who both printed articles about the upcoming project. I did an interview on Compass FM about the project.
  10. Sought community involvement. I contacted the two local high schools requesting student volunteers to be involved in painting the mural.
  11. Continuously made follow ups. For example, making sure that the spray paint arrived on time, confirming specific start times, checking whether any students had responded to the call out, arranging scissor lift pickup…
  12. Safety First. On the day Andrea Shepherd and I gave a safety briefing.
  13. A mural was created. On the day I took photos, watched the artists and student volunteers at work, made sure there was water and sunblock readily available, and answered any questions from spectators.
  14. Contacted local media. I sent more information to the Northern Outlook and The News, along with photos I had taken on the day.
  15. Completed obligations to sponsors and funding bodies. I filled out the Hurunui Creative Communities Scheme completion form and I will be sending Dulux the complete electronic press kit once the video is up on youtube.





So that was that!


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