“I’m blue, a-dubba-de-a-ba-da…”

Cyanotype prints are the original ‘blueprints’. They are prepared by mixing two chemicals and then painting that solution onto paper or fabric. My brothers and I tried out a ready-made kit. All we had to do was pull out a piece of blue paper (the blue colour is where the ‘cyan’ comes from in the word Cyanotype) and leave it sitting in the sun with our chosen items placed on top. When the blue colour of the paper had faded we washed the paper in running water and left it to dry. This was a fun way for my brothers to experience part of the developing process. It would be really cool to make our own Cyanotype paper next time.

If you would like to get yourself one of these kits they can be purchased online at Lawrence Hall of Science, or I found mine at the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art Store.









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