We All Live in Boxes

We live in houses that are basically big boxes. When we are inside these boxes we can’t hear the breeze in the trees, we have to check if it is raining, we have heating to keep us warm, we have soft flooring underfoot, we have lights to keep out the darkness, we have boxes that spray chemicals to kill insects, we eat food out of boxes, we put our feet in boxes, we stare at boxes, we sleep on boxes, when it is time to go to work or school we get into a box with wheels that takes us to the boxes that we will spend the rest of our day in before we come home to our own box.  Boxes are great, don’t get me wrong, but maybe we would notice a lot more if we escaped from them more often.

photo pf a dog sticking its nose through a wooden fence



2 thoughts on “We All Live in Boxes

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