Public Art

I am very excited to be organising the painting of a wall in my home town, Amberley. The 100th year anniversary for World War One is the inspiration for the mural. We are planning to get the painting started in late July. Members of the Hurunui community are invited to join the forum to share ideas and WW1 stories with the artists.

Street art is about reclaiming public spaces. We are surrounded by creative billboards and advertising everyday, but they WANT something from us. Street art, at its simplest, beautifies neglected space and, at its best, is accessible art that can engage our brains and our imaginations without asking for anything in return. In the case of Christchurch, street art reclaims our city from the rubble, like a flag waving at the front of a marching band.

Below are some examples of street art that I snapped in Auckland, New Plymouth and Christchurch over the last month.




2 thoughts on “Public Art

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  2. It would be nice to see the wall just as a scene when the men returned and all the people family pets businesses there to welcome them back. with details of things of the era, Just like looking down the street or out of a window to back in time. and perhaps a poppy garden to signify those not returning. After all everyone in the community was touched in some way or other and made their own sacrifices..

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