Wonders of Waverley

Owen and I were driving from New Plymouth to Wellington, about an hour into the journey we decided to stop for coffee in the town of Waverley. We didn’t know anything about this rural Taranaki town but we had a look around as we sipped our drinks. We went into the Glass Art Studio and were blown away by the beautiful quality works. We got chatting with the owners/artists of the gallery, Lisa and Jimi Walsh.  Lisa has received national and international awards for her glass works and Jimi used to work as a sculptor for Weta Workshop. We asked them about their decision to move out of the city and were inspired by what they have achieved. Lisa and Jimi said that they have been welcomed into the Waverley community and that people are always bringing in glass from broken windows or old TV’s for them to transform into works of art. Lisa and Jimi also make lovely scented candles. Check out their Facebook page here 







2 thoughts on “Wonders of Waverley

  1. I was gifted a candle from Aleisha and Owens visit and it is beautiful to look at . I don’t usually burn candles, but this one said “light me, light me” I did and it is gorgeous.Thank you Aleisha and Owen, Thank you Lisa and Jimi.

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