SlapSee Sunnies!

I have been in Auckland for the past two weeks, gaining inspiration in unexpected places.

Owen wearing his SlapSee sunniesOn Friday night we were at a bar, Frieda’s, and ended up buying 2x Gin & Tonics, 1x Pepperoni Pizza, and a pair of ‘SlapSee’ sunglasses… not exactly what we were expecting!

While we were having our drinks a woman arrived and began demonstrating the awsomeness of her sunglasses. We couldn’t help getting caught up in her enthusiasm; the ‘rayban style’ frames click securely into place on your head, they fold up and slap onto your wrist or your wine glass or whatever, and they don’t mind being thrown on the floor. Owen asked her where she had acquired the funky frames and we were excited to find out that this energetic woman was in fact the innovator herself, Ashleigh Ogilvie-Lee. You’ve got to love supporting New Zealand designers who are out there repping their own products! So of course we had to buy a pair.

Check out the promo video below and go to the SlapSee website to get your own pair for only $40 nz









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