The Bridesmaid Equation

Choosing your bridesmaids can be a dangerous endeavour. How do you choose between your friends?? Nobody wants to start wars by giving emotional details for why they didn’t choose a particular friend e.g. “You never like any of my posts!”, but your friends may still want an explanation. So what if you could say, “You just didn’t score as high in the BridesMaid Potential equation, I still love you!”

I feel like friends are much more likely to be understanding if you can present them with mathematical rather than emotional reasoning.

Ok so how do we do it? First ask yourself what factors contribute to the perfect bridesmaid:

Ok so I came up with; family, history, proximity, knowledge, support & fun. I think these are all practical things; family trumps friends, old friends trump new friends, friends who live close by trump friends who live far away, friends who know your fiancé and are supportive of you being together trump friends who don’t/aren’t, and finally there has to be points for the friends who you love hanging out with!

Now the easiest thing is to give each factor a potential value of 10, divide it by the total amount possible (in my case 60), and times it by 100 to get a percentage (the bridesmaid potential). Note that because my friends automatically miss out on 10 points if they are not related to me they cannot score higher than 83%, so a score in the 70’s is a very good score. So there we have it, chuck your potential bridesmaids into the equation and see who scores the highest!

This equation was inspired by the algorithm that Amy Webb developed in order to hack online dating and find the man of her dreams check out her TED talk here



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