Sculptures from the Sea

What is a sculpture? I believe a sculpture is a three dimensional art form that consists of mass and the space that surrounds it.

Is nature making its own sculptures when it gathers together found objects and displays them on a canvas of sand? When I came across the artefacts below I felt as though they had been arranged in an intentional way and it made me wonder what interpretations people would have of them if they were displayed in a modern art gallery.

Hmmm yes look at how the artist uses ice-cream and sand to evoke thoughts of a Kiwi summer, but what does it mean that the ice-cream has clearly fallen from the cone?… I am fascinated by the lonely shell and its relationship to that hole in the sand… Oh I am intrigued by this tangle of bluebottles & sticks! Is it the tangled relationship between land and sea? Has the land killed the sea? … That bird, is it a shag? 

Then I ask myself, what is photography? Is it simply the art of capturing the art forms that occur naturally in front of me?



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