Gold in my Veins

My granddad and his brothers had a gold mine on the West Coast, and it is fair to say that they had the gold fever. Granddad was always on the lookout for ‘the lost load’; he maintained that he had found a rich spot up a creek and he was always wanting to find it again. My grandfather passed the gold fever on to me when he took us gold panning up a likely creek. I thought that I had struck it rich when I saw the shining flecks of gold in the bottom of my pan. I still have the gold fever but in a different way, now I am feverishly researching more and more about the gold rushes in New Zealand and about the people that were part of them.

Here are two photos from the time when my granddad and his brothers were working their claim, the man on the right holding the gold bars is my great uncle Afty:



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