Tree Change Dolls

This week I have some inspiration to share:

Sonia Singh is a Tasmanian woman who has been in the spotlight since she launched ‘Tree Change Dolls’ online two weeks ago. Sonia has been collecting old, worn-out Bratz dolls from reuse stores and giving them what she calls a ‘make-under’. She uses acetone to wipe away their oversized lips and eyes and repaints them to look more like the children who play with them. Her mother makes new clothes for the dolls and they all seem to have moved to the country! The images of the transformed dolls have really resonated with people. There has been much appreciation for their change from promiscuous to wholesome, but it is more than just the satisfying before and after pics that has captured people. I think that Sonia’s work in giving these old dolls another day in the sun has brought with it a great wave of nostalgia and reminded people of the love that they had for their own dolls. Sonia says, “This experience has reaffirmed for me that the special and lasting nature of our connection to childhood toys is universal.”

It is one of the great things about art, that the same work can inspire different people in different ways. I spent hours up in our attic this weekend, searching for my old favourite doll, Liza, but alas I could not find her. I did find some of her friends though so I have included a photo of one of them for this blog. I think my dolly definitely needs some of Sonia’s TLC but at the same time I love her just the way she is.


Sonia has placed two of her dolls on ebay:

Tyre swing girl –…/Tree-Change-Doll-1-O…/121556627273…

Barefoot blonde girl –…/Tree-Change-Doll-2-O…/121556636575…

To check out more of Sonia’s work and to find out more about her just follow the links I have provided below.







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