Bodypulse Dance Recital 2014

I went along to the Bodypulse Dance recital again last year and was able to get photos of the dance troupes before they went out on stage (I also went along in 2013 if you want to check out that blog click here.)

All of the Bodypulse Dance students joined together for one big show in the Amberley Tin Shed. That meant that 70+ children aged between 5 and 15 were busy getting ready in the prep room, waiting backstage, performing, and then running off to do it all again, all without a hitch. The organisation was incredible.

Christina Bond started Bodypulse Dance back in 2009 when she was 18 years old, she now runs classes in Rotherham, Amberley and Rangiora. Christina believes that, “everyone should be given the opportunity to participate and experience the joys of dancing.”  Christina achieves so much, she is an inspiration. Last year she was studying for a post-graduate diploma in Health Sciences at Canterbury University, working towards her Advanced 1 qualification under the American Jazz Dance Affiliation syllabus, and employed in a full time job. Meanwhile she was also fund-raising for materials, making dance costumes, driving out to Rotherham once a week to teach dancing, and doing all the normal organising involved in owning your own business and putting on a production.

NOTE: Parents wanting to access all the photos from the recital just need to contact Christina via email


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