Empty Lot

Since the Christchurch earthquakes there are still empty lots that used to be churches, or cafes, or businesses, or homes. Yesterday when Owen and I were eating lunch in one such empty lot, I stopped thinking it was sad and realised that it is actually exciting.

An empty lot hasn’t committed to becoming anything yet so it still has the potential to become anything that you can think of! I am actually working hard to keep myself an empty lot right now. It’s a choice I have made for myself, to become an empty lot, not to settle for laying foundations for anything that isn’t what I want. Sometimes it is scary if you think, “What if the lot stays empty forever??” But i honestly believe that keeping things out of the lot is the hard part, not filling it up. The moment you turn away junk and debris will start to accumulate, weeds will grow, other people will start building things there, and the construction of these things can happen so quickly that it is very hard to tear them back down. I would rather have an empty lot, full of possibility than settle for building something that I don’t want.

empty lot


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