Recently I had to take a flight and it was delayed by 4 hours. It didn’t say it was delayed 4 hours straight away, just every time the boarding time was near it would shift back another hour. Fortunately I didn’t have a set time that I needed to arrive at my destination  and extra fortunately, as soon as I realised there was a delay I  bought a book. I spent a bit of time choosing the book from the shelf, after all I wasn’t in a hurry, and decided on ‘The Light Between Oceans‘ by M. L. Stedman. I based this decision on the fact that it was about a lighthouse keeper post WWI and that one of the reviews said it was a “…rewarding novel”. It was a great book and has served to increase my fascination with lighthouses.

When Owen and I went to the Catlins we stopped in at the Waipapa Lighthouse. It is incredible to think of the family that lived on this wind swept headland, a young wife fresh from the comforts of home in England, children walking miles to school, sea lions in the backyard, and the solemn duty of making sure the light never goes out.

For more information about Waipapa lighthouse click here



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