The War Artist

The War Artist, by Carl Nixon, is a play inspired by a WW1 painting. The play is currently showing at Centrepoint Theatre in Palmerston North. I was lucky enough to go along to a rehearsal day to observe the actors and director as they discussed the play and worked on a couple of scenes. I really enjoyed seeing them at work, it was inspiring to hear them discuss the motivations of their characters and the time in history they would be portraying.

This year is the start of the centenary of the First World War and the play was written as part of the commemorations. It is a great play because of its simplicity; there are three cast members, one location, and a lot of digging. It is poignant and funny, it brought a tear to my eye but it didn’t oversaturate me in sadness. It is a beautiful commemorative piece that made me think about the soldiers and civilians who’s lives were damaged or lost because of the war and it made me feel proud of how people deal with adversity. Anyway that is enough from me, if you would like to know more about the play check out the Centrepoint Theatre website.


Click this link to see the painting by New Zealand war artist, George Butler, that inspired the play


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