Instagram?? How about Instamatic?!

I recently acquired a Kodak EKTRA 100 pocket instamatic camera. My purchase of the camera included a couple of 110 films. The films were well past their expiry dates (over 7 years past in fact!) so I was unsure whether or not they would still work. To my happy surprise the first film has worked! Now I am looking forward to trying out the next film. Here are some of the photos; they were taken when Owen and I took a walk to our local video store and on another one of our walks at Cornwall Park. Please note: NO effects have been applied to these photos, they are simply the result of an old film in an old camera

A spot of trivia: The idea behind instamatics was to make photography cheaper and easier. The film cartridge enabled this, it made film loading incredibly easy, and meant that the cameras themselves could have a simple design and thus be produced for less. In 1972 Kodak introduced the pocket sized instamatic cameras (with the smaller 110 (16mm) cartridge films instead of the 126 (26mm) cartridge films of the original instamatics). This was a successful release resulting in the production of over 25 million cameras within three years. The Kodak Ektra 100 cameras (this is what mine is) were made in Germany  from 1978. The sale of instamatic cameras ceased in the United States in the year 1988, which happens to be the year that I was born.



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