My best travel accessory…

I went travelling for 63 days this year from June to August.  I went to 7 countries starting in the US and finishing in Italy. Capturing my trip was very important to me so before I left I purchased a new zoom lens and a waterproof point-and-shoot. Also, I made a purchase that I didn’t think much of at the time, a $3.00 tripod from Japan Mart in Sylvia Park Mall. This ended up being the best accessory I took with me on the trip.

Reasons for the award of my best travel accessory:

1.  easy set-up when there is nobody around to take a photo for you

2. the photographer can be in the photo

3. you get a sense of the environment (unlike close-up, arm’s length selfies)

4. waiting for the 10sec countdown can cause interesting scenes to occur

5. intriguing angles can be chanced upon by the awkward surface it is set it up on.

6. convenient size (can fit in a handbag)


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