Hoof to Hook to Hotplate

This past weekend I went along to the Amberley A&P Show and ended up spending most of my time in the PGG tent, drinking wine and sampling lamb and hogget. Every year the Amberley  Show runs a ‘Hoof to Hook to Hotplate’ competition. Farmers from around the area submitted a lamb or hogget, or both, to be judged on the hoof (what they looked like in the paddock), on the hook (how they stacked up at the butchers), and the hotplate (the taste, texture, aroma etc of the meat). The hotplate part of the competition takes place at the show. This year, during the judging of the lamb, there was a  wine tasting demonstration to keep the spectators occupied. Although I have spent many gruelling hours working in vineyards around Waipara, I have never actually learnt much about the wine! I thoroughly enjoyed sampling the local wine and learning a bit more about the process of winemaking and wine appreciation. I will definitely swirl my glass with a bit more purpose from now on before I gulp… I mean sip it down.


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